Top 6 Security Plugins for WordPress Website

Security Plugins for WordPress Website: The incredible online world can turn scary when several websites suffer an attack from malicious entities every single day. New cybercriminals pop up every month in thousands, and stopping every one of them is not possible for you. So, what can you do best to protect your WordPress site from getting hacked?

WordPress security plugins specially cater to this aspect and create a protection layer against potential cyberattacks targeted towards WordPress. It may raise questions like why you should use them and which is the best for your site. Therefore, this post brings the reasons and a list of the best six security plugins to clarify your doubts.

Why You Should Use Security Plugins for WordPress?

Very few individuals put enough effort into securing their website. Not prioritizing your website’s security can be a slippery slope for a website. Every week, millions of websites get infected by malware, with an average website getting attacked over ninety times daily. It is the same for WordPress and non-WordPress sites.

Business owners must seriously consider their website’s security given the existence of data breaches, malware, and countless other threats ravaging the online space. An attack or security breach can endanger your brand reputation and integrity and jeopardize your client’s sensitive data.

While taking the initiative in securing your website can be challenging, the security plugins facilitate the task of protecting your website and limiting its exposure to harmful threats. A security plugin can help create a strong password, set up a 2FA, update your database files, create backups, and more.

However, do not put the entire weight on these plugins for protecting your website. These are more helpful in fulfilling particular tasks.

The Ultimate WordPress Security Plugins – Security Plugins for WordPress Website

You understand the significance of securing your website and why you may want to use security plugins. The following is a comprehensive list of the six leading security plugins that offer varying features and usefulness. When selecting a plugin from these solutions, seek your website’s needed features.

  • iThemes Security 

Previously known as Better WP Security, the robust iThemes Security is an incredible WordPress Themes security plugin that offers free and paid options. Your website can employ this plugin to help ensure your website is secure in 30 different ways. These comprise everything from password protection to monitoring user activity.

The paid version also offers routine backups for your WordPress site. The premium features also enable you to handle more than one website remotely. Some crucial aspects of iThemes Security include email alerts, 2FA, hidden admin and login pages, limited attempts for logging in, Google reCAPTCHA, scheduled backups, and more.

  • Sucuri

Sucuri holds a high position for offering security to the WordPress community. It also features one of the best security plugins, Sucuri Security, to enhance the protection of your website and scan for potential threats. The premium version delivers impressive firewall protection for brute-force blocking and safeguarding websites against malicious attacks.

Before bad traffic enters your website, Sucuri creates a firewall to filter out harmful entities. Additionally, the firewall offers static content from the website’s CDN (Content Delivery Networks) servers. Besides security, the firewall at the Domain Name System level alongside CDN helps increase your website’s loading spee

  • Wordfence Security 

Another plugin popular for protecting WordPress websites is Wordfence Security. Combining robust protection tools with straightforwardness offers features like incident response tools or login security. You can benefit from the insights Wordfence offers to realize various attempts for hacking or the latest traffic trends.

If your website is smaller, your website can effectively utilize Wordfence’s free version. Additionally, developers can use this tool to their advantage and save money when applying for several website keys. The complete firewall suite of Wordfence provides unique tools for brute force protection, country blocking, real-time defense, manual blocking, web app firewall, etc.

The scanning option helps protect your website from spam, real-time threats, and malware. The tool will scan every file for potential malware.

  • All In One WP Security 

Another option worth considering is the top-quality, powerful All In One WP Security and Firewall plugin stacked with impressive features. The interface is incredibly user-friendly with decent support, considering the plugin charges nothing. You can enjoy its visuals, like graphs, to understand various metrics, such as security strengths and how to increase your website security.

The features of this security plugin fall under the advanced, intermediate, and basic categories. Thus, it makes an excellent solution even for professional developers. Some impressive features you can enjoy without spending a penny include firewall protection, brute-force blocking, fileting spam comments, etc.

  • Jetpack 

You have most definitely heard of everyone’s favorite security plugin called Jetpack. The incredible features of this plugin cater to varying purposes like marketing and website performance. However, this brilliant plugin also serves as a fantastic security tool.

The tool is free with available paid plans and delivers a user-friendly security solution with ease of learning to help scan malware, protect from spam, and conduct real-time backups. Additionally, it offers uptime monitoring with protection from brute-force attacks. And knowing that the team built this solution, you may use it with more confidence.

This stunning plugin features regular plugin updates and 2FA and makes a cost-effective solution for all requirements.

  • BulletProof Security 

Not many plugins available can compete with the features of the actively updated BulletProof Security plugin. Email alerts, auto-restoration, quarantines, and anti-spams are a few of the several features this incredible tool offers. Since the plugin can manage login security and create database backups, it plays an all-around security plugin for your WordPress.

While free and premium plugins are available, trying out the free version is advisable since it offers incredible tools like maintenance mode, login monitoring and security, security log, MScan Malware Scanner, hidden folders for plugins, etc. It is also a beginner-friendly solution.


Choosing the finest security plugin for your website enables you to safeguard your online visibility. It also protects your business, employees, clients, and website visitors. These tools will help scan your website, detect threats, offer insights, monitor logins, and more. However, do not solely rely on your plugins for website security, as these are mainly to help you fulfill specific security features.

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