10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins To Connect Your Website

10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins To Connect Your Website

Are you attempting to find the top WordPress social media plugins? WordPress users might discover it daunting to select the finest social networking plugin due to the number of accessible plugins. We'll include our professional choice of the top social networking Elementor WordPress Plugin in this post, which you can utilize right away.

What Should You Check for in a Social Media Plugin for WordPress

Performance is the primary problem with the majority of WordPress social media plugins. These plugins often cause your website to load more slowly because they need to load more stylesheets and scripts. Take a look at our post on how plugins for WordPress impact the loading speed of your website for more details.

The functionality of the plugin and the functionality of your WordPress website must be balanced. If a social networking plugin is making your website load slower and adversely affecting the user experience, it may lose its usefulness.

The next step is to pick and choose which social media platforms your website will feature more prominently. Reducing the variety of options can improve the user experience and lessen clutter.

You are able to put social icons in the sidebar, below articles, in front of articles, and so on, with an abundance of social media plugins. You must select how you want them to show up on your website and check to see if the plugin allows it.

We will only offer WordPress social media plugins that are optimized for efficiency, compared to other lists of the best plugins. There won't be a lot of plugins with duplicate functionality since each of these will address an array of social media applications. Having stated that, let's review a few of the most popular WordPress social media plugins.

10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins


Over 3 million sites utilize the greatest WordPress SEO plugin, All in One SEO. It assists you with optimizing your website made with WordPress for networking websites in addition to improving SEO rankings. When somebody shares a piece of content from your online presence on any social media platform, metadata is utilized to ensure that the appropriate images and text are displayed.

You may fix the incorrect Facebook thumbnail image problem for your website by using AIOSEO to set custom thumbnails for social media networks such as Facebook.

Additionally, AIOSEO enables users to contribute content for SEO knowledge panels within Google and add social media profiles for your website, both of which can improve your ranks.

Not to mention, it may input the social media administration verification code, which you are frequently requested to give out in order to take ownership of the page and access more analytics on sites like Facebook and Pinterest.

Uncanny Automator

The greatest WordPress social media plugins is called Uncanny Automator. It facilitates the integration of your preferred apps with your WordPress website, allowing you to automate repetitive processes and save time.

You may use it, for instance, to create a workflow that posts new blog entries to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook automatically. The nicest thing is that you are not required to know how to code to set up automations. The setup is point-and-click-based.

If you have an online store, you may program intelligent automations to ask customers to leave reviews when they make a purchase. In order to receive additional perks, businesses can ask consumers who purchase the courses you offer online to post images of their certificates on Instagram.

You can also integrate your WordPress website with hundreds of other well-known applications, including Sheets from Google, Slack, MailChimp, Zoom, and  Uncanny Automator.


Over one million websites utilize the greatest WordPress social media plugins, SeedProd. You may utilize the drag-and-drop page editor that is included to create distinctive landing pages as well as Best Ecommerce WordPress themes for Business without the need for coding knowledge.

The best feature is that you can utilize the social media integration to link to your Instagram profile from the biography page. You may construct unique sales pages, webcast landing pages, and pretty much any kind of landing page anyone can think of using SeedProd's more than 300 premade page layouts. Many bloggers and owners of websites utilize SeedProd to design distinctive page layouts for social media marketing.

Shared Counts

A quick and simple WordPress social media plugins is called Shared Counts. Only a few of the most commonly utilized social networks are included: LinkedIn, Yummly, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Users can select where the button appears (manually, either prior to or after the content), and there are various button styles available. Additionally, it can be switched on for custom post types.

The plugin makes a conscious decision to obtain each network's social sharing count. On the other hand, you may decide to present only the total number of shares among all networks.

Smash Balloon Facebook Feed Plugin

Want to use WordPress to show an individualized Facebook feed? WordPress and Facebook posts may be simple to integrate with Smash Balloon's Facebook feed. Utilized by over 200 thousand websites, this social feed plugin is the most popular.

It can be used to show off items from your Facebook page, including photos, videos, records, and activities. A feed template is also available for showing the content of your Facebook group.

An intuitive, customized feed builder that lets you filter articles, display comments and reactions, and do much more is available for all Facebook feeds.

You may imagine that Smash Balloon has every sophisticated feature imaginable, like live video playback, word- or hashtag-based post filtering, feed aggregation from several Facebook accounts, and much more.

The best thing is that your website will load lightning fast because every image is cached. Additionally, you may include the feed in any area of your online store, which includes product pages, the sidebars, blog entries, and others.


Over 3 million sites utilize MonsterInsights, the greatest WordPress analytics plugin. It assists you in correctly setting Google Analytics so you can view the important data immediately in your WordPress dashboard.

We think that what you are unable to gauge, you can't improve. Knowing how people find and utilize your website makes it much easier to double the number of visitors and sales you make.

You may stop spending energy on ineffective ads and social networking networks and focus more of your efforts on the ones that are effective by using MonsterInsights to determine which ones are performing the best. It can help you increase conversions, find easy-win possibilities, and boost sales. It can help you boost conversions, find easy-win possibilities, and boost sales.

The best aspect is that you don't need to be an information need to know how well your social media initiatives are going since they're really user-friendly. In addition, it has extra outstanding characteristics, including the Headline Analyzer, which assists you in creating more compelling headlines to increase traffic on social media. You may also highlight the most well-liked content on your website's main screen, sidebar, and other places with the popular posts extension.

Smash Balloon YouTube Feeds Plugin

Would you like to see an individualized YouTube feed in WordPress? WordPress and YouTube material may be simple to integrate with Smash Balloon YouTube Feed. More than forty thousand websites employ the most commonly utilized YouTube feed plugin.

This WordPress social media plugins may be used to play collections, embed YouTube live broadcasts, and showcase your most recent YouTube videos from your channel's homepage, among many other functions. With the various design opportunities it offers, you are free to display the content however you see fit.

There are multiple YouTube feed designs covered, including a list, grid, gallery, and rotation slider. This YouTube plugin also allows users to create custom YouTube feeds with specific search queries, transform videos into new posts on the website, show videos with specific search terms in the title, and curate material from their favorite channel.

All the sophisticated features users could want have been incorporated in Smash Balloon, including support for the Gutenberg block editor, the capacity to create unique pause and end motions for product assignments, and intelligent YouTube player loading to increase website speed.


With viral giveaways and contests, RafflePress is the ideal WordPress social media plugins that will help you increase website traffic and social network followers.

It includes an easy-to-use drag-and-drop offer builder and a ton of pre-made viral giveaway themes that are intended to boost traffic, enhance social engagement, and grow your subscriber count.

The social media sites Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch are all readily compatible with RafflePress. WordPress social media plugins amazing viral refer-a-friend feature has the potential to significantly speed up your growth.

Giveaway actions can help you raise the number of likes on Facebook, Twitter followers, followers on Instagram, blog comments, and video views, among other advantages.

Pretty Links is a hihly recommended WordPress social media plugins and link shortening, utilized by more than 300,000 websites.

Sharing short, branded links on your Facebook and Twitter pages is simple. You may utilize this to share product and affiliate links on your reels, podcasts, YouTube videos, stories on Instagram, and more.

Using Pretty Links has the advantage of enabling users to generate hyperlinks that are memorable as well as easy for consumers to write.

All of the link clicks are simple to track and control from one central location inside the dashboard of your WordPress website.

In addition to the social networking advantages, these WordPress social media plugins has smart content marketing tools like advanced redirection types, automated keyword replacement, and many more that can boost affiliate revenue.

Smash Balloon Twitter Feed Plugin

Want to show custom Twitter feeds in WordPress? You can easily incorporate Twitter content into your WordPress website with the assistance of Smash Balloon, the top social feed plugin for WordPress, which features a unique Twitter Feed Pro plugin. More than 100,000 website owners trust it.

The six distinct feed formats that the Smash Balloon Twitter plugin offers include user tweets timetable, mentions timetable, home timeline, Twitter hashtags feed, Twitter search keywords, and more.

Because each feed layout can be easily customized, you may utilize them to match the design and aesthetic of your business. You can add an infinite scroll for messages, utilize a multi-column modular style, show tweet engagement statistics like likes, retweets, and responses, and display tweets on spinning carousel sliders.

You may enable Twitter card view, control which tweets from a certain hashtag appear on your website (ideal for user assessments), merge numerous of your Twitter feeds into one, and much more.

Best of all, Smash Balloon Twitter Feed Pro complies with GDPR and loads quickly thanks to its inbuilt post caching feature.


Social media plugins for WordPress have the potential to degrade the user experience and slow down the loading speed of sites. Choose the social media networks that will appear prominently on your website and the plugin that supports them to maximize speed. Shared Counts, Uncanny Automator, AIOSEO, Smash Balloon Facebook Feed, Smash Balloon Twitter Feed Pro, and RafflePress are a few well-known WordPress social networking plugins. With the help of the simple and easy-to-use plugin Shared Counts, users can alter the way buttons and post types look.

Over 3 million sites utilize the well-liked WordPress analytics plugin MonsterInsights to set up Google Analytics and view crucial data in their dashboards. It enables you to increase the number of visitors and sales by helping you understand how people locate and utilize your website. In addition, it contains extra features like the popular posts extension and the headline analyzer. With capabilities like Gutenberg block editing and clever YouTube player loading, the Smash Balloon YouTube Feeds Plugin is a well-liked solution for WordPress with YouTube content. Over 300,000 sites use Pretty Links, a well-liked Business WordPress plugins for advertising with affiliates and link shortening.

WordPress is a kind of social media:

A system for managing content called WordPress is used to create blogs and webpages. Social media is not what it is. Social media refers to social networking sites and platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Quora, and the like. They differ significantly from each other.

Are there alternative WordPress-sharing plugins on the market:

Indeed, numerous WordPress social media plugins can be found on the market. To prevent the audience from becoming stuck on a decision, we did not mention them in our piece.

You may be shocked to see that we have left out a number of well-known social networking plugins, such as AddThis, ShareThis, Shareaholic, and many more, as they all load external scripts that considerably impede the loading times of your websites. Moreover, a few of these suppliers of free social sharing plugins are actually selling user data about you.

Can I set up a paywall to protect my WordPress content:

Indeed, businesses may utilize WordPress to build a paywall that will conceal their premium content. We suggest that you make use of the MemberPress plugin, which offers this feature.

You can manage the number of free views your site receives before paying people to become members, comparable to popular websites like the one run by the New York Times and others.

How can I set up my WordPress articles to be published on social media automatically:

You may automate your social media sharing with a number of plugins for WordPress and SaaS platforms, such as Revive Social, Buffer, Jetpack Social, Uncanny Automator, and others.

Given that it allows users to create numerous additional automated workflows to save a period of time, we think Uncanny Automator is the ideal option.

How can I link to my site through social media:

When you're prepared to connect your social media symbols, open a menu on the left-hand side of your screen and navigate to the "Site Settings" area. Enter the URL for each social networking account you have after selecting the "Social" option. Add the icons to your web page after that.

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