Comparison between Gutenberg and Elementor

Comparison between Gutenberg and Elementor

Gutenberg is a block editor, but Elementor is a page builder that allows you to totally personalise every aspect of your website. On the other hand, Gutenberg enables you to edit the theme's already-provided content.

Given this, it is not surprising that Elementor has a greater variety of widgets. If you have a pro licence, Elementor offers approximately 100 widgets in addition to the 30 free modules and widgets. The looks of your site aren't influenced by the theme you chose because they are all highly customizable and beautiful.

There are just 23 available blocks in Gutenberg. They cover all the fundamentals, such as content and layout blocks, which simplify website editing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Page builders have a history of slowing down websites, which has an effect on SEO. This is very common when using shortcode page builders. Short codes are compact sections of code that expand to provide complete functionality when a website is loaded. Keeping that view in mind, both Gutenberg and Elementor restrict shortcodes and are excellent for SEO. This slows down page load time.

Theme library:


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Elementor vs. Gutenberg: Whose template library is better?

Conclusion: Elementor offers a huge template collection.

Elementor boasts a huge theme collection. There are several free ones included, and the premium licence includes 50 widget layouts and roughly 100 website kits. All of them are simple to use and customise.

The majority of WordPress themes are compatible with Gutenberg right out of the box, thus it doesn't need any templates. Elementor is the best option if you want to start with a beginner.


Elementor vs. Gutenberg- Do they support various plugins and themes?

Conclusion: Gutenberg is compatible with every feature of WordPress.

Gutenberg is compatible with everything created for WordPress because it is linked to the WordPress core files.

As Elementor has a completely different interface from other plugins, there are compatibility problems.


Elementor vs. Gutenberg

Which one is the better deal?- Finally, Gutenberg is cost-free. There are free and premium versions of Elementor.

The core files of WordPress include Gutenberg. It doesn't need any other plugins or licenses and is free and open-source.

A free version of Elementor is available, although it has many restrictions. Depending on how many sites you're creating, you can pick from 4 different plans. The annual fee of the $49 Basic package covers just one website. The $199 yearly Expert package supports 25 websites. The Studio Plan, the third option, costs $499 a year and enables you to create 100 websites. Finally, a $999 annual Agency plan is available for 1000 websites.

Alternatives to Elementor and Gutenberg

Gutenberg might not provide the functionality you need, while Elementor might be too pricey or difficult. You can try some of the following alternatives in its place:

  • Divi: Divi provides a large collection of templates and a simple drag-and-drop editor. To assist you in determining which one is best for you, we have also analysed Elementor with Divi.
  • WPBakery: Although it's not as good as Elementor, WPBakery is still a fantastic option. In addition, we've written a comparison between WPBakery and Elementor.
  • Brizy: It is well-liked for its unique and interesting features. They are the future of page builders thanks to their React-based user interface. With the help of this function, you may make your user interface more engaging without making it too busy.

Other WordPress requirements:

Whether you select Elementor or Gutenberg, your site design is handled. Let's now discuss some additional plugins we suggest for fantastic WordPress sites:

  • BlogVault: This incredible backup plugin maintains your website protected and safe. You can easily maintain your website thanks to its automatic and on-demand backups. You will never require another backup plugin; it is the only one.
  • MalCare: If you've ever attempted to manually remove malware, you know how difficult and time-consuming it is. MalCare is on hand to help. It is a malware cleanup superhero that quickly restores your website.
  • Google Analytics: Your site's potential audience is limited if you simply can not understand your visitors. For this reason, we advise adding Google Analytics to your WordPress website.


While using Elementor, is Gutenberg still necessary?

No. It isn't. While you can use both on various pages or posts, Elementor provides a huge library of themes and plugins that is more than sufficient.

Is Gutenberg faster than Elementor?

Elementor vs. Gutenberg: Efficiency and Speed- Users may read your information more quickly since Gutenberg renders websites more quickly than Elementor, saving them from having to wait while your website loads. Remember, though, that Elementor loads pages considerably more quickly than the majority of other page builders on the market.


Gutenberg is the best option if you want a stunning website with no effort. Choose Elementor if you value being able to modify every square inch of your website. In order to build your site, Gutenberg is more than sufficient. If you require an upgrade, you can choose Elementor. They're excellent ways to modify your site at the finish of the day.

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