10 Best Non Profit WordPress Themes For Charity Websites

10 Best Non Profit WordPress Themes For Charity Websites

Are you looking for some charity theme suggestions? Fret not, there are several Charity WordPress themes available online. From fundraising to social activities, these themes cover them all.

If you are new to this field, do not worry. This guide aims to deliver a list of top charity WordPress themes. All of them are highly recommended since they can help you exponentially grow your support base.

Why are Charity Themes Relevant?

Best Non Profit WordPress Themes are generally designed to cater to the requirements of social work. Society needs help from the masses to offer betterment to needy people. These themes provide the necessary features that turn a website into a fundraising platform.

Furthermore, Best Non Profit WordPress Themes are the best themes for promoting social awareness and other charitable work. Religious communities carry out their activities and donations through these themes. They provide multiple layout options for easy website creation. Let’s see some of the Best Elementor WordPress themes for Non- Profit or Charity Websites:

10 Best Non Profit WordPress Themes

The Best Non Profit WordPress Themes help organizations with budget constraints to create a professional website effortlessly. So, let’s know about the top 10 non-profit WordPress themes that have amazing responses from people.


Alone is one of the Best Non Profit WordPress Themes available on WordPress. It is a popular WordPress theme exclusively suitable for multiple non-profit organizations. Churches, NGOs, political campaigns, and other events are carried out using Alone.

  • Alone houses over 39 distinct and stunning demos. You can use Alone to craft your creative ideas on WordPress.
  • This non-profit theme benefits you by providing a feature of customization. Hence, you can customize the theme as per your brand requirements.
  • It supports the WPBakery page builder for layout modifications.

Charity by WPlook

Are you looking for a Best Non Profit WordPress Themes for needy organizations? You can find a suitable theme under the same name. Charity by WPlook fits the criterion perfectly for every website for non-profit organizations. Check out the goodness of Charity by WPlook on the following points:

  • It features the necessary tools for fundraising activities.
  • The theme gives you the freedom to choose elements and pages of your choice through a visual interface.
  • You can customize samples with just a few clicks in WPlook’s Charity.
  • You can check the donation analytics through a potent dashboard widget.


If you are looking for a suitable Best Non Profit WordPress Themes for seamless website operations, look no further than ProFund. As the name suggests, it is a pro theme that covers all your needs for a website creation. From non-profit organizations to professional writers, everyone can easily get access to this high-quality theme. The features of ProFund are discussed below:

  • It is extremely flexible.
  • This charity theme houses multiple demos for outstanding results.
  • While using ProFund, you do not have to change a single line of code.
  • The layout options of ProFund are fluid. You can adapt ProFund to any device of your choice.


Looking for a suitable Best Non Profit WordPress Themes can be daunting if you are not aware of Peak. Peak is a one-stop solution for every non-profit activity. This WordPress theme caters to all the needs designed for charitable associations. The features of Peak as a charity theme are given below:

  • The theme comes with a set of tools that are easy to use. You can learn them within a very short period.
  • It gives you the liberty to customize its designs as per your requirements.
  • Peak enables easy coordination of Tribe Events Calendar and Give Plugin donation forms into a single post, thanks to its custom campaign post type.
  • Peak supports multiple payment options in its features, thereby supporting WooCommerce.


This is one of the Popular WordPress Themes, Charity is a versatile theme on WordPress. It is a popular charity theme that houses multiple features and eases complex tasks like donations, fundraising, and charities for users. Some of the cool features of Chariti are as follows:

  • The theme houses a membership platform. You can view the history of previous payment receipts and donations from the dashboard.
  • Chariti offers 3 primary demos of layout designs. It also provides 6 footers and 22 headers along with the demos.
  • It provides users with additional features like a social login option for donors, a membership system, maintenance mode, and Slider Revolution.

Lifeline 2

Lifeline 2 is one of the most preferred Best Non Profit WordPress Themes used by WordPress users. It serves as a reliable platform for non-government and charitable organizations. You can easily carry on monetary transactions via PayPal on Lifeline 2. The features of Lifeline 2 are as follows:

  • The theme houses some of the best graphically designed demos for professional use. Their unique approach backs each demo.
  • You can enjoy the feature of customization on this charity theme.
  • This theme updates itself to its premium version without any added charge. You can enjoy all the premium facilities for the same annual fee.
  • The theme has a built-in Volunteer Management system that enables others to join your project. You can track them with the same feature.

Charitas / Foundation WordPress Theme

This is one of the simplest and most refined Best Non Profit WordPress Themes of all time. The theme is designed exclusively for charitable organizations, foundations, and non-governmental associations. The operations of this theme are faster than most of the charity themes. It houses a set of unbeatable features like social sharing buttons, 10 custom widgets, a progress bar for campaigns, and much more.

As a pro user, you can easily customize your designs in the Charitas. It provides a plethora of color options. The theme can be easily functioned on different types of devices like laptops and smartphones. Lastly, through the PayPal interface, Charitas equips your website to receive donations.


Sway enjoys great popularity among users who work regularly for non-profit charity organizations. The popularity of this theme is increasing exponentially thanks to its unmatched features. Some of the features of Sway are given below:

  • The theme provides over 65 demos for multiple niches.
  • It is a multi-purpose theme. You can write blogs, sell items online, and promote your organization through this theme.
  • You can start working immediately on your project with just a click.

Benevolence – Church / Non-profit

If you are looking for a WordPress theme that is exclusively designed for churches and other religious communities, then look no further than Benevolence. Some of the beneficial features of Benevolence are as follows:

  • It is a modern, clean, and easy-to-customize WordPress theme.
  • The theme houses some of the best features to match the requirements of non-profit organizations and churches, like ministries, news, sermons, sponsors, events, projects, and photo galleries.
  • The theme is well-integrated with the payment methods of PayPal. Hence, donation is easy on Benevolence.
  • Creates an aesthetic and impactful layout for presentation.


The discussion will be incomplete if it does not add Bridge to the list. It is a spectacular charity WordPress theme that not only fits your website criterion but also finishes its job with professionalism. The features of Bridge are discussed below:

  • It houses an array of demos.
  • It comes with a page builder. Hence, you do not have to code afresh.
  • It enables easy creation of non-profit charity websites with simple dragging and dropping.
  • It is fast and modern.


These are some of the best non-profit WordPress themes you can use to build an attractive website. However, you must choose a theme from the list that perfectly fits your criteria. Though all these themes serve the same purpose, each of them has unique features.

These 10 Best Non Profit WordPress Themes offer a robust foundation for organizations to effectively convey their mission and inspire action. Whether you’re advocating for a cause, raising awareness, or seeking donations, these themes provide the versatility and functionality needed to make a meaningful impact online. With their responsive design, intuitive customization options, and dedicated support, they empower non-profits to amplify their message and engage with their audience effectively. For those looking to create a compelling online presence for their charitable endeavors, investing in a comprehensive WP Theme Bundle ensures access to a range of versatile themes, tools, and resources to support their mission for years to come.

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